Marriott Scott Consulting | Enterprise Development
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… From a Blank Canvas to New Solutions 

Enterprise Development

Enterprise development can be about starting-up or scaling or moving on from ‘how we do things around here’. Change, especially in the tangle of the organisations cultural web, is rarely straightforward and in bigger organisations there are added layers of complexity. But senior teams tend to know what the problem is they want to solve and direction they want to go in.


Whether you are a start-up or mature organisation, we provide the facilitation and thinking to help turn strategic intent into workable plans and prepare the ground for change interventions.

Interpreting Concept into Reality

The periodic re-imagining of mission priorities by an agency’s thought leaders requires a credible and relevant interpretation into day-to-day organisational process.


We help agencies navigate from concept to realisation in ways that engage and align staff delegated to make it happen.

Business Integration

Most nonprofits or social enterprises are small or medium sized that – rightly – don’t have sophisticated management hierarchies. Rather, they have to balance different aspects of their business to achieve the greatest mission impact.


We help achieve the balance through an integrated approach that builds communications and fundraising, enterprise development and financial management into the design.

Making Strategic Choices

Thankfully, values-based organisations are passionate about about their mission. A potential downside is that in an effort to “do more” they spread resources too thinly and achieve less.


 We help agencies navigate the decision making process to make the best strategic choices.