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In addition to:

enterprise developmentcommunications and fundraising,

Marriott Scott Consulting provides a range of strategic and operational services that are a menu for you to select from. Click on the tabs and links to find out more.


For those with seeming intractable issues, we also provide cutting-edge, trans-disciplinary expertise to help organisations make strategic business decisions based on a track record of proven entrepreneurial business planning and innovative organisational development. We’ll take a deep dive into the most abstract of ideas and surface with practical outcomes every time.

At MSC we enjoy crafting solutions – so we’ll write it, design it, photograph or film it.

It’s one thing to decide the communication or fundraising product you want to make. It’s another to imagine or demonstrate what it actually looks like in practice.


Working with long standing associates, we can provide proof of concept through a portfolio of creative services that include design, film, photography, copy writing and editorial. With the look and feel in hand the decision on what to deliver is made a little easier.


We can budget and project manage. And we’ll also build the low cost web site.

From think tank to number crunching

One of the biggest challenges for large, international NGO’s to small social enterprises alike is how to navigate the complexities of the postmodern context and globalisation.


Rather then put your finger in the air and guess, we would recommend research. From thought leadership to survey instruments; from literature review to in-depth interview, Marriott Scott Consulting has the expertise to help you better understand the market, the audience, the attitude and the behaviour and to drive out the variables and coefficients for you to diagnose the solution.